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I got my lovin' and it's all right
Suga is sweet
But sometime she bite
Pucker up baby and make it tight
Livin' my life
Keep me up all night
Shake that ass until it's sore
Four click hole baby let it pour
Now it's 2 men at once
Hey now fuck this score
Gimme One, Two, Three, Four
Music Industry
That is what we are
No one plays for free
And everyone's a star
Sign the dotted line
We can have lunch sometime
And we can lie to each other, ah
We sign the deal and we make it nice
So pour your suits and give you quality ice
You can't live your dreams at twice the price
We're the house
But you can role the dice
Now back in the day people lived in fear
They bought no records
So they could not hear
The shit that I'm bustin' up
In your ear
So come on man, be with ya peers

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