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You see the lights from space, like a beacon to the planets
As it happens, what had happened, it the charts in south Manhattan
The batteries up like all my homeboys seen, we all ride in a yellow limousine
All the greats got stake in the city by the superpower
The streets got meat, but nevermind the early hour
SUV's swarm like Beatles in trees, no matter what your needs if you got the D's
From treaties to crunk, to bodies in the trunk
Yo, it's never a dull moment unless you're gettin' drunk
But it might be you out on the business end
So pack a jack and watch your back, ain't nobody your friend
Back in the jungle it's survival of the fittest
So witness the pittness as I stomp all up in this
You know where to find me, I'm at Bungalow 8
But bring a strap and half your camp and the key to hell's gate
I love livin' in the city
Give it up for New York City!
I got the pug ugly suit with some goya o boya
Pix, pix, pix, or is that too O.G. for ya
Action packed like Gene Hackman under the L
The buildings are so beautiful but nevermind the smell
Nevermind the ghetto fab, their ice is from canal
Nevermind the euro-trash, their presence is banal
Nevermind the technocrat when all he says is "well"
But always mind the "don't walk" sign, the traffic here is hell
Although my heart is heavy, it's a bevy of broads
It's where you should be goin' it's where they're dealin' the cards
The Bronx is up and, yo, everyone's down
The center of the universe for some time now
And how, motherfucker, this is New York City
The rest of you are knuckleheads tryin' to look pretty
Vacancies range from your soul on up
So count your chips and do the math or get the fuck out
I love livin' in the city
Give it up for New York City!
I love livin' in the city
Give it up for New York City!

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Livin' in the City


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