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Sickness of Humanity - text


Mankind as a species is vile
atrocious minds plague the earth
history teaches of putrid beings
live for power
die for power!
bringing earth inevitable doom
taking more than it can consume
celebrations in disgusting gluttony
chop away on a cold dead carcass
Spite, greed, power, lust
Lies, hate, deceive, and distrust
Spite, greed, power, lust
Fight, kill, devour, unjust

no different than those that
they judge they tell you right from wrong
animal instincts to kill and conquer
no sympathy for those who suffer
twisted ways from the day they are born
no remorse to those they have scorned
its the cold, sick, and deranged
these horrible ways will never change

Earths disease!
They deceive!
Deranged minds!
Endangered kind!

Sickness of humanity
Plague upon a pure existence

Made a cruel design
populations will decune
nothing seems to save our mankind
nightmares just unfold
reality is so cold

sick and horrid stories we are told
Sickness of humanity

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