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break - one nine
got your boots on
gearjammer set
boogey van so far
how do you read me?
three's and eight's high
some kind of joyride
double-nickel right by
in here - everything I need
style - built for speed
mother trucker runnin' low
four wheels - overflow
others passin' by
still movin' down the line
so say the written word
two down - now the third
the greatest thing I've seen
do why'all know what I mean?
meeting twenty was the plan
me and my boogey van

like most - Chevys coast to coast
people start to ride
dream machine burnin' wides
layin' a furious yard it smokes awful far
highback chair is low
rollin' faster off they go
tires roll flare to flare
custom shine everywhere
one-fifty I don't care
half-way cross the land
me and my boogey van
movin' on down the line
here we go one more time

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