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Mistakes help one see
That you make your own surroundings
Life is a dream
And is made by inwardly seeing what you want it to be
Success has it’s trappings
You judge yourself based on how you think you’re seen
And you may guess how you’re spoken about
And try to fit into a box ‘till you can’t get out or move freely about
Respect who you are inside
Let your heart be your guide
What other think says nothing about you
Just how you relate to what they’re going through
And that’s not much
Does not say much
Unless it’s a friend when it’s everything
Those who don’t want you to be anything but what you are
Do you feel this, my sad emotion
Do you feel it inside my baby
Forever is here in receptive motion
Earth with a river inside my baby
Do you feel it inside your body
Earth with a river inside my baby

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PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone

John Frusciante texty

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