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Don't Raise Your Hand Against Creator - text


Come along-I`ll take you to the slaughter
Merciless and`ll remember me

I hear you crying and trembling
Among the blindmen praying for death
You raised your hand against The Creator
Don`t count on mercy, you fool

Dirty, bloodstained butcher
Sweeps the blood off his hand
I`ll turn your life into nightmare
Destroy your dreams, you will burn at the stake

Beg...cry, cry, cry, cry
Hollow and empty head
Shining skull is what I want to see
You raised your hands against The Creator
Don`t count on mercy, you fool

With bleeding eyes and no mercy
Today I`m bringing you torment
I am the demon of sorrow
For all the sinners...I`m sending back to Hell

You will burn at the stake

Text přidala Raduwa

Forgive Us Our Sins

Frontside texty

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