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Toiling with my conscience coiled around the monsters
Shake my fist at the snake that's twisting my thoughts into needling obscenities.
Reaction breaks me into fractions taking all my energies
Disables my extremities so much that I cannot feel now
This heavy heart, heart that I carry
Still holds the weight of you
and when I fall, as I always do
I'm crushed by the abscence of you
Perfection is there in the expressionless stare of a face
That leaves no trace of wear & tear TRUE BEAUTY IS COLD!!! Love and hate, this human se**** nature is a virus sustained
by endless violence and pain, a cycle I can't understand
I'm tired of emotions, they bore me with distortions
They cut me, slave & fuck me
Wipe them all away now,
Let me see through eyes of stone
One look at you is everything to me
From this photograph
and when I wan feel you around me
I'm crushed by the presence of you...............Crushed.

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