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Born without a chance of success
They've led you into a path of numbness
Torn away from the power to direct what you think and what you feel, with our backs to the wall we've sent you into a cloud of mind sickness

Destroying the earth in the name of your god
We suffer for your mistakes
Stuck in a crime filled hive, justified by a lie lost in time

What type of person does it take to discard their own humanity?
You're spineless. Abiding by the outdated rules forced on us

I can't give up, and I won't sit back as a full civilisation reduces their own people to ash and dust

I won’t stand by, condemning the children to die

Too long I've watched you tear their hopes away
You are but a plague, inflicting pain and suffering
I long for a day when we are moral and just, but some presence of mind will tell you - that day will never come

Ah, but our time is almost up
If we were to rectify our mistakes, the chance has passed and long since gone

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Remnant Of Humanity

From Sorrow To Serenity texty

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