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Push aside the unnecessary; there's only so much you can hold
Think of the difference we can make if we fight for something more
We are the last chance, the single hope for advance
We hold the key and we can build a better land
The only restriction is our misplaced fear, what does the future hold? That's for us to decide
Break from the mould
This is not the way that it should be, living in such hypocrisy
See the world for what it really is and become the minds rebuilding it
Searching through the ruins, we carve our own potential
What does the future hold? It's in the palm of your hands
Break from the mould
We may not change their minds, but our words will stand the test of time
How could you know what I am?
How can you speak for us all?
You cut the ties and left us in despondency
Holding us down, pulling us back, suffering more and more - you turned away and left us with disparity
They say don't think, don't feel - but I'll never kneel

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