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We must be suicidal
Because we die every night
Without a fight
It's all in the name of passion
Well that's your vice
Take a deep breath
Fuck being polite
We're smothered with the tension
It is just an extension of our dear hearts

Just wait it out
Just wait it out
It will come to you

You're beautiful
You're beautiful inside

Let the world
Oh, let the world hear us now

Better trash be profound
(?)what would be a better driver now
Now, now

Save us, save us, save us

You want to be cured?
Well now's your fucking time

(?) Tell them all where to get down,
this doesn't give her hidden skills,
lets bring this party/body to ruin,

Do you think this is a joke?
Grab that rafter by the throat and
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze

Save me sell me fuck me
Tell me what I can do for you

Save me save me save me
Tell me what I can do for you

Save us, Save us, Save us

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