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Santapocalypse - text


Santa is killing cheer.
No presents this year.
Children will scream as I'm crossing their names off my list.
Fuck you all.

Coming down your chimney tonight.
I'm gonna steal your shit,
wrap you up in Christmas lights
and ruin all your gifts.

Cocaine in my gingerbread.
Severed limbs and rolling heads.
Candy canes and mistletoe,
get on your knees cause it's time to blow.

Merry fucking Christmas.

Dashing through the snow on a one horse open sleigh.
A bottle O whiskey in one hand while the other mother fucker is swinging a blade.

I don't want your shitty ass cookies,
all I want is for the world to bleed and just shut the fuck up.
Santa's got a new obsession with a body count starting today.

Milk and cookies?
Are you fucking kidding me.
I'm fat as shit, you fucking moron!

Give me another reason to snap and I'll give you the clap, bitch

Elves set fire in the flames.
I'm burning down the factory.
Mr. Snow man, fuck you too....
I've got a bone to pick, so suck it!

Nobody's getting any fucking toys

Get up, come on get down with the Christmas.

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