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This monument to the matron
Quick change of mood when you came in
A nervous introduction
then we can form invincible alliance
But you're growing fond of deception
with all the things that you forget to mention
And every indiscretion pushes me away further away
Desperate, do you ever grow tired of begging?
I know, I know I'd rather live with nothing
Negative? Maybe, but Ive been working on it
Progress just moves so slowly
We are growing more and more distant
We are growing more and more distant
Miss model mess hits the pavement
Young debutante formed a habit
Measures that may seem drastic
Whatever makes you feel accepted
But I'm going south for the season
with nothing but a paperback companion
And mine is the only opinion
with which I'll have to agree
You're not the boy I once knew
Each and every underpass
That bears the declaration of a dated love affair
and the number of satan
I was educated there by the commuter station
The burdens you're bearing will threaten to break
the back of the widow that weeps when she wakes
We are growing more and more distant
We are growing more and more distant

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