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These are the keys x2
to a pulse that I've been monitoring
She loves to dream x2
but dreamers chase and never obtain
A victory x2
A vicious hand on a violent streak
Learn to run x2
I'll never be right for anyone
The more it gets suggested the more I'm uninterested
Strength for now, nothing later
Whoa(yea), Love it or leave it
Yea, Hated and Left it
Whoa, trying to outgrow that phase
I'm drifting further away from...
My element x3
These are the keys x2
to open minds and to empathy
she loves to dream x2
it's better than her reality
a victory x2
I'm not as old as I use to be
I will not run
today is the day
the wheels are back on the motor-arcade
All of my ammunition
is for the wrong weapon
I've got the worst intention
no question, no question
just keep it inoffensive, general admission
for when you feel protected, I'll make you regret it
Chorus x2
Just leave me x2
Just leave me here to die
Just leave me x2
Just leave me here to die

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  • Píseň se objevila jako soundtrack video hry ATV Offroad Fury 4 vydané v roce 2008 pro PlayStation 2. (DevilDan)

Holding a Wolf by the Ears (Japanese Edition)


From Autumn to Ashes texty

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