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Sound of Social Justice - (Simon Garfunkel Pa.. - text

Lord of dankness my old friend
Normies oppressing us again
Watching commies flee on live-streaming
Farming keks with all this dank meme-ing
Fight the brainwashing that was planted while in Yale
"Fuckin' white male"
Fighting for "Social Justice"
In Linda's dreams I'd be a cuck
But I've no time for peaceful trucks
Swimming through their sea of Marxist tears
Allied with my fellow red-pilled peers
When my rage was stoked by the blur of an airborne brick
Based man with stick
Resist the cult of commies
And in the Berkeley streets I saw
Ten hundred retards, maybe more
People shouting "Nazi!" at centrists
Pissed off, hysterical, masked Bolshevists
People crying "Racist!" at shit we never said
And then they fled
Disturbed by sense and logic
"Priv'leged?" - O', you spoilt brat
Your Bourgeois cult needs chemo, stat
Your "Gender Studies" teachers mislead you
Nurture violence against homo Jews
And it's you - who claim we're Hitler's fans?
It's time to face the mirror
Righteous people rose and REEEEEEE'd
That Verdant God that they decreed
Kekistanis: So merry! So gay!
Proudly sing their anthem "Shadilay!"
And the polls said that demon Hill'ry wouldn't ever have to take her lumps
"Can't stump the Trump"
So much for "Social Justice"

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