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Imagine Communism - John Lennon Parody - text

Imagine Alex ain't crazy
Don your tinfoil beret
The elites rule above us
The friggin' frogs are turnin' gay

Imagine the globalists
Gay-bombing the world (Shrimp pilled)

Imagine there's no commies
LARPing against old Uncle Sam
No one do douse you in fox piss
If you dare insult Islam

Imagine all the gamers
No-scoping in peace (M-L-G)

You may say I'm a 'memer'
That we frogs can all get fucked
I won't be compelled to join you
'Cause the Soviet Union fucking sucked

Imagine no possessions
They're taken by the thought police
No need for art or music
'Big Brother' as your altarpiece

Imagine all the cuckolds
Equal - ly starving (Gulags for you)

You could say Jones is trippin'
Hell, you're not entirely wrong
I hope to fuck though that the lib'rals
Aren't convinced by a hippy, commie song

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