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Showy Early Spring - text


Fuel service, chainsaw sharpening
Four graves next to the sunroom
Let's nail down the trim today
That's my life soon I'd say

Assets are showy early spring
Yellow inflorescences bloom
Rapid growth and establishment
I'm urban tolerant too

That's my life
That's all of it
Signs flash by
Remind me of why
I live for this

Holy smokes let's burn up the trash
Cover my ears, cover my eyes
Meet me down by the creek where we breathe
And pretend not to love or to see

That's our life
That's all of it
Signs flash by
Remind us of why
We live for this

Watcha gonna do when it's all over
And you got nothing to show for it
Take a look around and you see that you've already found what you came for
Its here for the taking
It's mine

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Eleanor Friedberger texty

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