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Battle Of Minds - text


Who are you to challenge me? A fool, yes that's for sure
I will slowly tear your defense down, I'm a god on my throne

I am the shadow of your doubts
I am the darkness that surrounds you

So you are god and I the fool? I'm not too sure of that
You should fear the strenght of my will, I'm a
jester on a crusade

Fear the breath of darkness slowly paralyzing
Cold as ice within your trembling conscience, no
hope left my friend

You'll face the end.... the Battle Of Minds

I am inside your brain, this dark and endless- maze
I hear the voices of the souls that you enslaved
No darkness scares me now, I'm strong in heart and mind
I'll find your fear of light and the gate will open wide

Open wide...

I know your weakness and your fear the secret
I've been told
I'll bring you down from the throne of stone and
mankind will prevail

I am the everlasting light
I am the fire that surrounds you

Well you are still a fool my friend, a rat trapped in a cage
I let you in now there's no way out, this is where
the story ends

Fear the breath ....

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