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It's about time, like that shit that light up ya wrist
Real niggas keep pleadin' the 5th
Concealed dealings in the heat of the mist
In the jungle where the simians pull semis a-plenty
In the league of the chimps
I'm so for real with bananas and clips
So I fail with the gangstas and pimps
Try'na prevail, quick money attempts
Couple hits, nigga thinkin' he rich
But I was, headstrong dead wrong perhaps
Playin' scenes in my mind when a fiend relapse
Eyes rolled back in they head relaxed
But money feeds the J's to the feet of the cool
And my feet were famished after walkin' from school
Wood heels, smokin' kill with a hooligan crew
Talkin' slick to the fiends, even robbin' a few
Niggas lucky that it's rappin' that he happen to do
Cause oh, lo and behold, it could happen to you

And the beat goes up (imperial)
You can feel it in your lows (imperial)
Imperial rock (imperial)
Imperial roll (imperial)

freddie gibbs

The politics of pushin' potent potion
One toke and I bet I got you open
Peep what I prescribe to my smokers
Give em the proper dosage
Gary boy with dreams like Michael to see the ocean
I was local til the white boy Joseph put me on different coasts
Then he left me for dead, dog
So he could push the pussy pigs Sonic The Hedgehog
The crackers wanna profit off my topics of mockin'
But yo I'm from a small town called
"Bitch when I see you, I'm in yo pockets"
Niggas rock it let it dry, trap, traffic and train hoes
Poppin' my P-95 at polices in plain clothes
The ghetto just infested with felons
So whether it's the fuzz or the thugs now you under surveillance
I got a letter from the feds in the mail
That say I'm connected with some niggas that's sellin' yayo
So share some information or you'll be sharin' a cell
"Lock me up and swallow the key, throw me under the jail
Never tell, I'm a gangsta"

And the beat goes up (imperial)
You can feel it in your lows (imperial)
Imperial rock (imperial)
Imperial roll (imperial)

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