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My Love, My Life, My All - text

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My hands were made
To worship you
My heart, my King
It beats for you
Oh Lamb
So true
I surrender to you
My life
(I give)
My love
(I give)
My all
Your touch
Your kiss
Your grace
To me
Is deeper
Than my soul can see
My purpose it changed
When I called out your name
[Repeat Verse 2]
My past has been erased
With just one touch from you
My clouds
My rain
My pain
Has changed
Your blood has made me new
(and when)
And When
This world
(has come)
Has come
(to end)
to end
(and paradise)
And par(when I see your face)adise
(when you call for me father)
With you
(you'll wipe every tear Father) Begins
(and this is what He'll say)
Well done
(you'll say)
you'll say
(when I see)
When I see your face
[Pre-Chorus x3]
Jesus you are
Jesus you are

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