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River's Invitation - text


I've been all across the country, and I've stayed in every town;
You see, I'm trying to find my baby, and he ain’t nowhere around... Can you understand?
You know which way I'm heading, if my baby can’t be found... oh, yeah...

Well, I spoke to the river, and the river, the river spoke back to me;
It said, "Oh! You look so lonely, and so much full of misery... Yes, you do now...
If you can't find your baby, come on, girl, and make your home with me. Oh, yeah..."

I don't wanna leave him - No, I know, I know he’s still alive!
And someday, I'm gonna find him, and he's gonna take me for a ride... Yes, he will now...
And then we'll live forever and ever and ever, forever and ever among the tides... Oh, yes, we will!

Just in case I don't find him, I'm gonna take that river's invitation... river's invitation...
Oh, oh, the river! Oh, oh, the river!
Oh, the river, yeah... Oh, river's invitation...
Yeah, the river...

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