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Living in the Streets - text


People working night and day
You need to take some time out to get away
Life is just a one way ride
There ain't no second chance that you can try

Can't you see all the fun is free?
So, come on out we're livin' in the streets tonight

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I know you sure feeling low
It's time to get on up and steal the show
Leave your worries all behind
You've got to make your smile the bottom line


Do just what you want to do, you know that you can try
Get the groove and take it to the sky, here on dancin' night


[Verse 3]
Do just what you want to do, let no one pull you down
Join the party, people let it last, all night to party
Spread the feeling through the land
We've got to share this action while we can
No more talking, no more chat
We're going to make this evening come alive


Living in the streets tonight[x2]
Come on out, we'll smoke this town together
Living in the streets tonight
Come on out, we'll smoke this town together
[repeat until fade]

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