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I wish I had some control, you embarrass me in full
I feel low, low, low
I don't wanna know how flustered you were
I just wanna hear you say you were wrong
How easily I become not real
Like a bug you brush off your ear
You're just dust, I'm just dust
If your love was strong as my shame
I'd marry you and take your name
But it's not, you'll never get it
So I guess I'll just forget it
Too dark, I stand alone, lucky and unknown
Do I belong? Do I belong, do I belong? Oh
When I know I'm not the best girl in the room
I tell myself I'm the best you can do
Do I belong, do I belong, do I belong? No
I drink bad coffee, hope that you'll call me
Never look back, never look back, never look back, oh
When I am bored, I crash up on the shore
Too dark, too dark, too dark, oh

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