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The hate of this world and sorrow are the pain in me that i can't bear.
but I can start over.
Without no goals, life is too slow.
Imbalanced needs, icebounded dreams made 'em leave.
So close the door, I won't be seen again.
You made my day begin.
Forever lost to day where we are.
My lonely cries are wept away.

I gave away my life to death ana now I die.

I hpoe you cry.
I am dead even if you see me.
I can't live as I want to.
The words I say and still you don't hear me.
I can't leave even now whrn I want to.
And I want to die soon.
Discord is on view.
But this ain't the time, I can't leave.
So close we are but I can't feel you.
You took my will to live.
...and now I die.

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