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Have You Seen a Girl? - text

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She says much but asks for nothing
Answers a lot but not what you're asking
She means it all and with her words
crushes it all again
She's masked with a world she's made
Just to see her again - I pray
But in reality she's never safe
just a glimpse I ask for - I pray for
She is the beauty caused by error
She is afraid 'cause she is special
She is ashamed of what she's seen as
but everyone sees it wrong
Behind her eyes she holds a secret
never to be told
All she needs is to tell it to someone and
everything is solved
Have you seen a girl with an endless smile?
I am enchanted by her
But inside she cries, lost in misery
I want to give it all to her
I am dishearted by her
The night's grown cold
and you have nothing for me
With your palm so cold
you touch me when I ask for warmth

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