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You decide for our fate
You decide for our fall
We decide to stand and disobey
You determine who knows
You determine who sees
We decide to leave your prophecy
Your embrace is a lie
Your discourse, unwise
You completely breath insanity
Haunted by gain
Controlled by your aim
You're nothing more than a plague
Inside of me, I now hold a way to behave
Deep, inside of me
I have found a stable force to behold
Don't pretend to save me
Your crimes are the source
When you'll cloud yourself
The circle will be complete
Reverence, dignity
Your sense of acting is gone
For we are no more blind
We are awakened
Your cycle of disgrace
No longer thrive
For we are unified
We are all leaders
We shall take back our world
And blow you out
Before the dawn
You define who lives, judging in silence
Hidden behind luxurious dreams
You crucify your fears, burning innocence
Insensitive, unaware
Power, influence, disease
The equation lies still
No matter how strong you are
In the end you drown
Honour, reliance, glory
The fire will never decrease
This is the path you engage all
Your rage is inborn
No place to flee us now
Your once empire's drilled
Your gatherings done
Your gallows are on the line
For we are unified
We are all leaders
We shall take back our world
And blow you out from our ground

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