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A pale shivering Hunter
Seeds my fearsome hurt
Pours in my gaze
Nightmarish hate
Far from Earth
Lost in the Abyss
Plague from Hell
Sole in the Unseen
Raped from Her
Slight in the Mighty
Far from Sun, we lurk Here
Evil and myself
A pain came from nowhere
Feeding my inner blur
Mourning in my veins
Apathetic state
As I dare reopen my eyes
A long, thin metallic arm
Descending straight towards my neck
On its end stands a sharp spear
That drills my skin
Then inserts in my spine a frozen mist
Insane situation when the hangman says:
"Don't be afraid of what you can't explain."
A pale calling glimmer
Heals my fading nerve
Maybe the end
Of the Experiment
For What?
Strained to feel
Full of void
Blended with
Dust of loss
I wake back, somewhere near my dwelling
Wishing that it was just another dream
I cross my hand on my nape fleetingly
Will my fingers touch a wound or a virgin skin?

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