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So we part ways
Turning our source and our regrets
Reaving our might
This tide recalls our soul down by the sea
We were lonely drops in a reverse wave
Pretending our life was innocent
Deceived by our eyes, all we knew was pain
Sinking aside
This pulse in our heart should have warned us then
And showed us no one was sovereign
Perceiving a war like a vital state
Justice was blind
So we just fade
Into profound glooms of cyan
Where the stream binds
This side covers our soul down by the sea
Last signs of fire drift and bounce
Behind our trail
Blazing rays vanish in red glows
Blown by forces unknown
We dissolve
Will the flows of time strand the fields of our realm?
Will Ether bewitch us?
Perfection's gone, but our season still stands
Burnt yet alive we are
When I'll join your mind in the reach of our fate
Within strains of daylight
Absolve your past, no reprieve shall die vain
Merge, shine beyond
So we remain
Into dismal blooms of cyan
Safe in our shroud
This ride was our last impulse by the sea

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