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Doesn´t Take a Whole Day - text


When I first saw you, baby
Something strange happened inside
Well my heart skipped a beat
But my blood raced in time
And I knew then and there
You would be part of my design
And I may be the only one to make you feel
Whole inside

Yet I knew within seconds you would be mine
Like my grandpa said
"Doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine."
And I remember the smell
Of rain in your hair
And the view from the window
Everything looked so small from way up there

And the way they
Your weight on me walking down the stairs
And I don't think I could ever forget
That careful, careless step
I could smell you'd been drinking
When you said "will you be mine?"
Like my grandpa said,
"Doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine"

I can never take you or leave you baby
You can chew me body, soul and mind
There we were
On the stairs
With your skin pressed against mine
Though you led me astray baby
At the same time it was alright
When they say, "the wages of sin is death"
But that night we sure created new life, ooh

When I saw his face, all I could see was mine
Like my grandpa said,
Doesn't take a whole day, oh no baby
Doesn't take a whole day, oh oh ooh baby
Doesn't take a whole day-I knew right then and there
It doesn't take a whole day-oh oh ooh baby
It doesn't take a whole day
Doesn't take a whole day-sing it with me babe
Doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine

Text přidala Zuzkax27


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