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Middle School Dance (Song for Richard Swift) - text


You say you want a mother not a confidante
But for years you’ve been doing what you want
Now your mother don’t know where you are
She don’t know that you’re the superstar

Little prostitute boy, step
Said if I don’t accept your beautiful lie to what you know
Then I show these needle that blow
All this water
Not since making a doubt
All inside
You’re all messed up
You’re all dressed up
For the letdown
If I get on we’ll make it
Time for the middle school dance

And until I fall asleep
I’m still bruising all my dreams
Woke up, why won’t you?

It’s detention here?
What’s the tension here?

I picked Molly down in the evening, love
I like to walk on the sunshine
I put my head down in the sand at night
I put my hands down and I know where you’re at, know yeah

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