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I think I'm gonna find my sea legs, I am drifting on
Summer spots they caught me gleaming, my ocean arms are home
And I swear I could love it always if summer stayed the same
I feel like I felt when I'm dreaming when wolves forgot my name
I think I'm gonna find my sea legs
You swim with lively arms, you wade with lifeless arms
We swim in summer lakes sunspotting in landlocked states
I took my lessons, all of my learnings
Threw them in the ocean, burned all my earnings
Weight turned to flight, lifting my shoulders
(Warped teeth, soft lift, haunting all of these corners)
Time heals wounds that pin us like boulders
Struggling, washed out, carry present to former)
Breath held so long our voices were strangers
(Gasping, trying so hard to rearrange this)
Imperfect, we're human, we're not divine rearrangers
(Longing too form from devine rearrangers)

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