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One Time Too Many - text


Wait for me when everyone's gone
Stay awake when the lights turn low
Take your words, that you said
So make this more than a single thing
And don't tell me that this night will end

Will it be the end
Do you wonder if?
Please forget
Don't stay that way for too long

Get better soon she said
A broken heart won't last so long,
A broken promise can't hurt you so much
These girls are so oblivious to life that we love
To realize what they had until they let it go
Without your time

Sing it to me again sweetie, just throw it down my throat
It turns out things don't always go my way
Sing it to me again sweetie, I know just how it feels
To be the reason

You wasted your time
But you're a waste of my time
And you're nothing without your lonely heart, your lonely heart
And I only care for the one wish I had
When I'd say goodbye

Text přidala _Clay_

Video přidala _Clay_

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