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For Our Fathers - text


The TV is on and I look around
And nobody is watching
They've all gone to live their lives

I sit down on the couch and I
Finally start to realize
Lately living hasn't even cross my mind

I used to live sometimes [x2]

I walked out the door and looked up
And everybody's flying
But I can't seem to get up off the ground

I stream my eyes to catch a glimpse
But they're all off and soaring
I guess I'll wait for them to come back down

I use to fly sometimes [x2]

I love hearing 'bout the good old days
And remember when you taught me
'bout love and that there is nothing like a friend

‘Cause even though the good old days
That came and went
I hang on to every word until the end

I know that you've sacrificed
And did it all for me
I hope you know you never let me down

I know it wasn't easy to let me
Go into the world
I hope the man that I've become has made you proud

I hope you're proud of me sometimes [x2]

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