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Gonna Make It - text

I’m gonna make it some how
Just watch me now
Can’t hold me down
Like Kunta Kinte, I’m an African man, I’m black and proud
I’m golden brown, my nose is round! ϑ
See where I come from It’s a beautiful struggle
To make ends meet, but you wouldn’t know
Coz my people glow
But don’t be mistaken, What we’re saying is not about skin,
It’s what’s within that’s the real thing
So keep your head up no matter your background
You’re gonna break through
‘coz, If God’s with you there’s nothing you can’t do!
You’re gonna make it!
All my ghetto children, If you’re listening, chase your dreams
Even if it seems ‘Too hard to achieve
Struggles will come your way, You need to rise above them all
The Journeys may seem long but the prize is worth it all
Don’t be discouraged I’m a living witness Mountains can move
And Faith can do what money can’t do
‘Coz God is watching, from a distance You’ve caught His eye
Just Walk with pride, Hold your head up high

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