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Bonus Track: Chin Music For The Unsuspecting .. - text


Today I walked through the door and fell down on my floor
Got al of my papers out and read them
Seems that I've been wanderin' for a little too long
Yeah, the desert can be hot if you waste it
Took a stab in the dark and missed again I believe
The hardest part is not seein' what I used to see
My favorite to...
It does all it can to whisper in both my ears make-believe stories

Where are my friends now?
They're not around when I need them
Mark every attempt
I find myself against all the odds again

I like to think I'm strong and them I'm proven wrong
Grab the keys to my car and go to work again
Yeah showed up late and got screamed in my face
Turn around...
But I'm laughin'
Got some thoughts in my chest and they're playin' games with my head
Ten hours of sleep, I make my bed again
Scream up to my God, say, "I do what I can"
How am I gonna move out from this circus dance?


I'm against all the odds again

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