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I like you - text


Woke up from reality
in a day dream where
I was at one with you
This harmless little fantasy
is such a magic healing
pushing for me
cause you are like ice cream
with chocolate fudge, cherry's and whipped cream

baby I like you, baby I like you
tripped out into a new day
right into the doorway
you make me slap happy
smack down from the ground
laughing rolling all around
is this dream really happening
cause you are like sunshine
you tickle me with your fingers of warmth

oh baby I like you, baby I like you
checked out into reality
from such a deep sleep
where I'm always with you
free falling through the clouds
stand dizzy floating down
I can dream

baby I like you, baby I like you
baby I like you

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Video přidal Devilxxx

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