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One Flesh - text


Witness to misery
Arrogance and vanity
Do you conceive the Things that I
have seen ?
Words spoken long before
Voices of a dying world
Subject to the sacred whore
Arise your Soul shall live once more

So many Things you cannot see
Your Life is fading silently
Within your Heart is still may feel
Blessed not enough to heal
Colors fade from sight
Twisted shades of Black and White
Slave unto the Crown you wore
Arise your Soul shall life once more

By the Light of Morning I transform
Oblivious to Emotion
I hunger for your Soul
Pounding the Pulse within my Veins
Open your Eyes Child embrace the Pain

Ascend unto this Plane
Open your Eyes Child embrace the Pain

Now your Souls conform
Only Immortal
Being now as one
You can never die

Text přidal paja65

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