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There Is Love - text

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Don't let the sadness grow
You're beautiful don't you know?
It's easy to dive into doubt
But harder to climb back out
Don't drink from the well
Where the bitterness dwells
That water is wasting your time.
Push past the anger
and cynical strangers
whose sharp words are often unkind
oh, there is love we can find
we will find.
When lies get a voice in your ear
And whisper your deepest fears
You can either believe
Or push past those empty things
And acknowledge the hard things
As ships that are passing
Don't let pain destroy your life
And pray that your misses
Find gentle forgiveness
As deep as the hue of red wine
oh, there is love we can find
We will find
So come hearts that are scared and alone
Let love give you warmth in the cold
Let faith and hope lead you on
Let joy be the theme of your song
Let joy be the theme of your song

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