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We Owe You Nothing - text

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What did you expect?
We're the horror
We fucked out your regrets
We crave for your demise
Just do it
You embraced what you despised
We owe you nothing
We're your dreams gone wrong
They expired
We just don't belong
Your stench of fake perspires
Bunch of liars
We'll set your family on fire
Abuse whatever you need
Try harder
We'll wait until you succeed
We owe you nothing
For every moment of my fucking life
You pieces of shit have been waiting for me to fail
Judging constantly, pointing your finger
Writing, talking, acting like if you knew me
A minute of your wothless existence
Won't be worth a second of what I lived and done
I know you're listening
Well listen good: no one will ever remember you
I left a mark somewhere
The funny thing is I don't even care
A faceless crowd
Still I'm completely lost somehow
Torn between tides
Towards my doom alone I ride
Been cursed 'til birth
I gave it all, for what it's worth

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We Owe You Nothing


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