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Worship death - Insult the ways of joy
Like a covenant to curse all that is life
Annihilation of the pure at soul
Upheaval of the sick at heart
Sliding down beneath the shadows of these times
A vortex to be explored with full force
Destroy the body and stain the inner self
Bleed for me and give yourself to this horror
The wrong side of existence
A path to pursue with no hesitation
Like industries of hell changing within
Fire to burn all flesh and to reveal your rotten will
To wander soulless
Through empty days and cold neon lights
When tragedies strike hard
At the core of wellness
Embrace the atmosphere of loss and decay
To feed on nothingness with a blackened gaze
Blessed impurity to fill yourself when the pain is thick
Long lost are the cries that went unheard
Reborn into the absolute will to do harm
The enemy within me was killed on some cold day
Upheaval of the ill will
I stabbed the ghost of mercy dead
And kept myself warm into my own skin coat
Reversed catharsis
I sold my soul - I'm free from what once was
I sold my soul - I'm free from what once was

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