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Word Of Truth - text


Life can be hard like a steel cage
If you don't know how to live it.
You can be so frustrated, total rage.
But deep inside you must learn it
The way of truth:

You had enough of their rules
When they tell you what to say or what to do.
You had enough of their lies.
When is this hell gonna end for me and you?

Honor , respect, justice and truth
Are these values long gone?
Greed, hatred, warfare and lie
It's now the only way to fade and die.

The word of truth begins with you
No matter all the odds against you
The word of truth is not always easy to say
But if you try, true friends
Will stay with you.

Life has been always hard without.
You don't decide what is right
Learn that happiness is inside you.
Somewhere else can it be more bright
The way of truth:

You had enough to please every one
Be true to yourself, don't be afraid to dare
Remember that true friends are worth
Ten times someone who's pretending to care.

Honor, respect, justice...

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