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This side you have chosen
is one of darkness.
Where no light can reach
and no breeze caress.
All those who believed,
you've left in distress.
I'm here watching you falling, helpless.

The work you've accomplished
remains now useless.
Temptations around
have turned you mindless.
I know the way out
but here I confess.
I'm just watching you falling, helpless.

With broken wings.
How could you reach heaven?
Where the angels sing.
And where leads your passion.

With broken wings.
You can't carry the burden.
And the pain it brings.
Broken wings...

Once you'll reach the bottom
of this empty well.
Won't you see the truth,
there, out from your shell?
Always have in mind
the place where you dwell.
Before you'll have to say, farewell.

Point of no return,
tempting gates of hell.
Sitting there waiting
in your holding cell.
Won't you fight again
and ring the holy bell.
Or just give up and say, farewell.

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