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The Antagonist - text


Malice found its home in your words
Empty dialogue with no present or eternal worth
It's so easy to stir up hatred and meaningless disputes among those that you love
Control your tongue

Did you really think
This was your only option- speaking without discretion
I hope this will be
A lesson learned
I can only pray you will step back
And watch the things you say
Make it your aim to live quietly

Words can't change what you feel
Your mind is stronger than what you hear
You're indestructible
You're fooling only yourself
Did you really think we wouldn't call your bluff

You play sticks and stones
But we've seen your hand, and we've prepared
So go ahead and fold
I tire of this game
I tire of this charade

Bring on the wave of your worthless tirades
I'm sick of everything
It's useless
Can't you see no good comes from this
No good will ever come from this

When you speak death into the lives of your brothers
Only God can judge- you will be judged- you will be silenced

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