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Inquisitor - text


[The devil:]
I've come from roaming the earth
I have killed, I have sought and destroyed
I am the one who the strongest of men fear
Tremble now as I plot your demise

Does your servant fear you for nothing?
Have you not blessed the work of his hands?
Mark my words
Once I'm through
His devotion will sink like the sand

Am I anything more to you than easy prey?
Was my birth the start of nothing more than your heartless, hellish game?
May those who curse days curse that day
I will be the one rejoicing when I reach my grave

Who are you to obscure my plans?
Brace yourself like a man
Now I will question you
And you shall answer me
Now answer me

You – tell me, where were you when the earth's (the earth's)
Foundations (foundations) were laid?
Who, who marked off its dimensions?
Surely you know (surely you know)
I am he
Know that I am he

I am unworthy
How can I reply to you?
Now I praise you for opening my eyes to see
You are truly all I need

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