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So just put on your mask-
The veil of your faltering persona.
I can see straight through your lies.
What's done untruthfully is done in vain.
Choose a side.
Fall in line,
And don't forget
What you've held to be the truth all along.

Will the words you choose to speak
Ever line up with your actions,
Or will you stay a hypocrite?
Lead them astray.
One by one, they fall.
I'd rather see you drowned in the depths of the sea.
Or didn't you know?
We're watching all that you do.

I don't have to tell you
That there are open arms just waiting for you.

Come back.

I hope to see the day you find my
Reason is purely enough to give my life for you.
I swear I'd give anything if you would throw
Your pride away.

Learn from your mistakes.
Now turn away.

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