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Raise The Sun - text


From the snow-swept mountain tops
To the emerald green fields
Across the sea and sky, that wondrous light
Has touched us all

And as the night begins to fade
And the moon hangs low
We wake to see the rise of her
Celestial glow

Raise the sun
Raise the sun

Every pony and parasprite
Every dragon and bird
Knows that without her light, her loving warmth--
We'd never live

Those cowards hide in shadows
Sheathed by the night
We fight the darkness, our swords
Raised for the light

Raise the sun
Raise the sun

Throughout all of Equestria
The Solar Empire endures
Every colt and mare, we stand at arms
Ten million strong

You best stray from evil
And stay in the light
Or be lost to darkness, like tears
Shed in the night.

Raise the sun
Raise the sun

We shall never surrender...
We shall never let the darkness impede...
We shall stand strong for all eternity--
And spread her radiance... and love...

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