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The Lightbringer Returns - text

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Sworn to last, endure until the next world
A second chance to prove himself in this life,
Now it’s time, believe in miracles - and more!
Her lips are cold, As steel made into flesh,
The stars may grow old, But she will remain blessed
As the Sandstorm tears her bones apart, She knows all that’s in his heart
The Lightbringer returns, Eternal spirits will mourn her loss,
The Lightbringer returns, The Moon and the stars will weep for the ultimate cost
The blind will reach for hopes already crushed,
Beauty is life and joy could be truth
They know not, she cries for love,
Overblown, what he once saw is now in her
Love is sacrifice, And life means pain for her,
The pyramids fall to dust, In the wake of this storm

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