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Don't take this from me
It's all I have left
You want me to crumble
I will not beg
Watch what you say
I won't forget what you've said
You're pitiful
You are pitiful
I won't let you take back what you've said
Don't wait 'till this runs out
Don't hate me cuz my life's figured out
It's too late
This has run out
You're too late
You are too late

You said it was the heat of the moment
I say it's just another excuse
Take your words, throw them all away cuz what you say is just trash to me

Do I have to hear you all over again
It's such bullshit
Fed up with it
You wonder why I never listen

You always say it's gonna get better
I think you're right because I'm leaving
My mind's made up
There's nothing you can say
Save your lies for anyone but me

I'll never stop feeling until all the blood in my veins runs out, letting
My heart dry up, numbing the pain somehow
I'll never stop believing that there is one person out there for us
To stop the bleeding, and let our hearts keep beating

I won't let you take back what you've said

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