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New Beginnings - text


Bring us back, Bring this to your attention, of the promise, you spoke in the past.

It's the way you feel in the pit of your stomach, of the memories, we've held in the past.

Now you can find yourself, in us both we both know what's right.

I won't give up on this.

What's done is done. (x3)

Now find yourself, it's just a matter of time.
Before you meet your maker.

I take this to the grave with me, of a promise said.
At the end of your rope I feel you inside em, it doesn't fit, fight this end

It doesn't matter what was said we hope on the end of the once best.

Now fear your end, boasting in the past.
Through your blind end.

What's done is done.(x3)

You can't control it, you feel in your heart and mine.

Don't be afraid of what's right.

Got to feel the end of us, push through the walls and me.

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