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I never thought that this would be hopeless,
it took me time to figure out Hopeless,
I never thought that this would Hopeless.
But you prove me wrong everytime.

I force myself, to think better of you.
And the choices you make, but you prove me wrong everytime.

Pushing forward leaving behind the things you said to me,
I'll always keep this by my side, always next to my heart.
But I'm pushing forward and gaining ground, and learning from you.
I'll make this work, ill try again cause its all ill ever need.

There was a moment in the stretch of my life I didn't know. [x2]
Ive burned my bridges, and I've swallowed hard.
for the things to come, in the end.

Pushing through, love less faith [x2]
I could never forget your actions,
only push the words aside [x2]

This is all on you [x2]

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