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I'm growing too weak to stand here on my own two feet.
And if I fall, how will I ever find the comfort?
And if I fall, will I ever return to You?
If I let this state of mine decide how I fumble through my life
All the pieces of my broken heart can't build me a way to your blinding sight.
Cannot find me a way to all that is right.
I continue on, I know that I will never return.
Not now, not ever.
All my thoughts have been lost, taken by ghosts that haunt the living.
Did I ever care about anything other than how I appear?
I left who I am on the inside to die, to give the surface a fighting chance,
To paint the picture of who I am.
All this fear I hid inside, you promised to take from me.
Perfect love is all I need to make me strong not weak.
So take this burden from me, leaving me white as snow.
Take this burden from me and make me, make me whole.
All my faults are made strong, much harder to wipe from my conscience.
Reinforced by my own self-destruction.
Pick yourself up off the floor.
Pick yourself up off the floor.
I continue on, I know that I will never return.
Not now, not ever.
This isn't a dream where I just wake up.
I've hit the bottom with no rope to pull me up.
To get me out.
Get me out.
Caught on the other side of the divide.

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